I work as a kinesiologist and somatic movement practitioner; I bring a grounded presence and a spirit of collaborative inquiry to support the emergent expression of health inherent in each individual. I have been facilitating movement experiences for individuals and groups for over 30 years.

I am registered as a Practicing Kinesiologist with the BC Association of Kinesiologists and an Associate Somatic Movement Professional with ISMETA. My passion and interest in movement as well as my professional dance training led me to become a certified instructor of the Pilates method in 1995. In 2008, I completed Foundation and Advanced level training in Self Regulation Therapy (SRT), a gentle, somatic-based trauma resolution therapy.

I maintain a commitment to continuing education and have had the great fortune to study with many exemplary movement instructors. My early experiences with the following individuals created a strong foundation of movement and kinesiology: master instructors in the Pilates method Dianne Miller, Marie-José Blom Lawrence, & Michele Larsson as well as physiotherapists Diane Lee, Linda-Joy Lee, Dean Smith, & Greta von Gavel.

Other influences, and (with some, on-going) experiences with the following gifted and visionary individuals have provided affirmation of the importance of working in an embodied way, as well as delightful instruction, inspiration, clarification, and direction:

Continuum -based movement and perceptual presence work with Susan Harper,

Evolutionary movement and experiential anatomy/kinesiology with Caryn McHose,

Body and Earth movement and expressive arts practices with Caryn McHose & Andrea Olsen,

Kinesiology and perceptual movement with Hubert Godard and with Kevin Frank,

Rhythm & embodied drumming with Navaro Franco and with Aline LaFlamme,

Self-regulation therapy / trauma resolution with Drs. Lynne Zettl & Ed Josephs,

Taiji / Qigong with Kelly Maclean, and Qigong with Brian Mount and with Bob Lehnberg

Visceral Manipulation with instructors from the Barral Institute.

additionally, I honour the larger weave of influence by the somatic and social justice communities – including these individuals (some of whom I’ve had opportunity to study with directly, via online offerings, and/ or through their writings): adrienne maree brown, Bonnie Cohen, Deb Dana, Kai Cheng Thom, Martha Eddy, Nkem Ndefo, Prentis Hemphill, Resmaa Menakem, Susan Raffo, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Myers,  …


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