Full Life Movement with Amy Kiara Ruth

November 4, 2010

photo credit: D. Hobson

Movement is an integral part of life, and therefore, every body is capable of some degree of movement. As we develop the capacity to move with ease and joy, and to feel more fully present in our bodies, we can learn more compassion for being in the world.

As a somatic movement educator, I draw upon my extensive movement background to support you in feeling more at home in your body as you move dynamically through your daily life. In my individual sessions, group classes, and workshops I offer participants opportunities to develop increased possibility for movement, to cultivate attunement with their own somatic intelligence, and to connect to their full range of embodied expression.

A typical session may include use of specific movement forms (such as the Pilates method, qigong, Continuum Montage), mindfulness awareness practices, breathwork, assisted stretching & hands-on alignment guidance, trauma resolution, movement explorations, and sensory & perceptual awareness work.

“Sensory perception is the silken web that binds our separate nervous systems into the encompassing ecosystem” ~ David Abrams