Classes, Workshops, & Gatherings

an overview of the classes, workshops, & movement events currently on offer….

photo credit: P. Allport

Pilates method matwork at Trout Lake Community Centre on Wednesday evenings.


Laughter Yoga ~ at Inspire Health Integrated Cancer Centre, on 1st, 3rd (& 5th) Tuesday mornings from 9:30 – 10:30am. Laughter Yoga is a series of movement and breathing exercises designed to stimulate laughter and cultivate an ‘inner spirit of joy.’ It is a technique that invites you to laugh without jokes or humour, simply for the light-hearted delight of it. The very essence of laughter yoga lies in reconnecting to our child-like spirit and playful attitude.


Ephemeral Nature Mandala to honour Water ~ 4 to 8pm, Thursday August 8th. Please join me in co-creating an ephemeral nature mandala in the space of Hadden Park, a space of trees adjacent to the water of Snauq (False Creek).

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