classes, workshops, & gatherings

an overview of the classes, workshops, & movement events currently on offer….

photo credit: P. Allport

Online movement classes are available via zoom:

Qigong movement, Qigong movement practices informed by the somatic movement explorations of Continuum-based & Body-is-Earth practices, on Fridays at 9:30am

Please contact me directly for more information – and to register (and I’ll send you the zoom meeting link).

GMV (Group Medical Visit) classes, online via CHANGEpain clinic, Fridays at 11am to 12:30pm: Somatic Therapy GMV, a 4-class series alternates with the 4-class series: Healing after Trauma GMV. Qigong Movement GMV is offered as an on-going class on Mondays at 11am to 12noon.

In-person Pilates matwork classes on Wednesday evenings at the Trout Lake Community Centre – please contact the community centre directly for more information and /or to pre-register.

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