Moving Elemental

Moving Elemental

Nature is our true nature

Workshops, classes, and community events offering opportunity to engage in movement explorations to connect to the elemental aspects of ourselves.

Each session / gathering offers sensory & perceptual awareness and movement practices that are grounded in the approach of Continuum and Continuum Montage as well as in Body and Earth work.

** morning Qigong and fluid movement classes**  ~ Fridays from 9:30am to 11am via zoom. We will start with a Qigong-based warm-up and sessions will include Continuum-based and Body-is-Earth movement and inquiry-based practices. Please contact me directly to register.

8 Actions of Change ~ an exploration of Golden Ball Qigong as support for being in the flow of life.

I invite you to join myself and Brian Mount, Medical Qigong Therapist, on Saturday June 13th in exploring the Qigong form of Golden Ball.

We invite you to a day of movement explorations and somatic inquiry rooted in the Qigong practice of Golden Ball. This practice introduces the eternal actions and flow of Qi. Movement, breath, and attention are harmonized and carried through the circulation of life-force energy – gather/disperse, rise/fall, expand/ consolidate, move in/ move out.

10am to 4:30pm, Saturday June 13th. Offered at Whole Body Living, #210 – 2223 West Broadway, Vancouver / Unceded Coast Salish Territory.  Sliding scale: $80 – $120.

Formal practices such as Golden Ball Qigong are tools to help us become aware of how and where we are. My interest is in how the tools of these movement and awareness practices can support us in harmonizing ourselves (our cells) with the unfolding rhythms of life.

Which actions, which phases are more comfortable for me right now? Can I feel/sense (be aware) of the complimentary action? When I am feeling agitated, frustrated, overwhelmed, joyous – how might this practice of attention and movement support me in a healthy expression of my emotional state, and enable me to centre myself in care – which leads to (re)engagement in the world, in life.

In a related way, I also appreciate how Golden Ball Qigong can be explored in a variety of dynamic ranges. As this form can be practiced from a subtle, micro level all the way to a large and full expression, folks of varying levels of ability can benefit and explore Golden Ball Qigong.

* * *

Previous community events have included community ceremony events to honour water as part of Global Water Dances at Trout Lake (2015), at Still Creek in Renfrew Ravine (2017), and at Snauq in Hadden Park (2019), as well as a Moving Elemental: water walk / water movement gathering for the False Creek Watershed Society at Riley Park community garden (2019).

Ephemeral Nature Mandala to honour Water as part of the VINES Art Festival (2019) in the space of Hadden Park, a space of trees adjacent to the water of Snauq (False Creek).

* * *

~ Workshops and classes by special arrangement ~

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